Curtain Cleaning

Refresh and Increase Curtain Lifespans

Reasons for Curtain Cleaning

  • Spring cleaning of Curtains
  • Moving into a new house or rental apartment
  • Stains on your curtains
  • Preparing for an event of party

Experts in Curtain Cleaning

At Eugenie we do not just clean carpets, we also specialise in cleaning most everything in your house. One thing that is normally neglected due mostly to the difficulty in cleaning them are curtains. Cleaning curtains will let allergies settle down and through regular cleaning it will also increase the life span of your curtains significantly.

At Eugenie we clean curtains of almost any fabric, using our deep clean method we will ensure dirty stains, dust and dust mites residing in your curtains are a thing of the past.

We are able to provide our customers with some of the shortest drying times around. Our steam-powered machines are able to shorten drying times, because we are able to remove moisture from the curtains with high pressure.

Without you having to lift a finger we will make sure your curtains are clean and sparkling. Put us to the test and call us for a proper curtain cleaning.


So if you need your carpets cleaned contact us today and we will make sure it gets done right. We are Cape Town based and will travel to you!

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